Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Spiders

The other night we were listening to the Beatles with the girls.  We had talked about them before to Hailey.  I guess she remembered them but this is what she said, "Mommy, are we listening to the Spiders".  Ha!!!  It took me a second to figure out what she was talking about.  Too cute!! 


Stephen and Hailey have a garden in our backyard.  It's their thing.  Not that I don't love the fruits of their labor but I have enough living things to take care of as is.  Plus, I don't know when to harvest or plant or prune or whatever else it is you are suppose to do with gardens.  My old roommate and I tried once and we let everything grow until they were as big as possible.  Have you ever tried okra that was the size of a cucumber?  I don't recommend it.   You might as well eat tree bark.  Anyways, every day those two would go out and inspect and see where everything stood.  Hailey would get so excited to cut and bring in the vegetables, (too bad she wouldn't eat of them)!  I decided to snap some pics of their tomatoes, which by the way were some of the best tomatoes I've ever tasted! 

And the out takes...

Family Funnies

Hailey and Stephen would always play around on the floor.  I mean that's what Daddy's are for, right?  A jungle gym.  Well Hailey started saying she was cold and would lay on Stephen's stomach and stick her feet under his shirt like it was a blanket.  She did it several times and I just happen to catch this one.  Snuggled under Daddy's shirt, laying down with her baby doll.  Love it!

And these are just for good measure...cause I think they're cute.


Easter Egg Hunt

I just love our neighborhood.  They do so many get togethers.  It's great.  Every year they have an Easter egg hunt across the street from our house at the park.  So we loaded up the fam and off we went.

This will be the last time I wear Hannah with this carrier.  She's just a tad too big for it.  Notice Hailey ready to go with her basket!
At the girls school they had a bunny come and the kids could sit in his lap and take pictures.  Well Hailey wanted no part of that!  At the park they had a pianta bunny that we thought would be cute to get a picture with...only she wanted no part of that bunny either.  This is as close as we could get her.  Not sure that I blame her though.  He is kinda scray looking.



We went to our friend's Nick and Megan's to celebrate Nick's birthday.  They have a little girl that is exactly 3 months younger than Hannah so it works out great.  They have all the gear you could ever need. 

Hannah's 1st driving experience

Hailey and Riley

Livia and Hannah

Such little cuties!!!


Ice Cream Man!!!

Hailey had her 1st experience with the ice cream man.  We were outside watering the yard when the ever so familiar jingle started getting louder.  Since one of my husband's many loves includes ice cream, he thought it was time to share the joy with Hailey.  She was so excited she could hardly contain herself. 

It got even better once she realized they have Dora ice cream!!!!

Until she tried it...
So Daddy gave her his ice cream and she was kind enough to share. 


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Big girl hair cut

Hailey's hair was getting a little scraggley in the back.  Probably because we had never cut it!!  I cut her bangs right after her 1st birthday then that Fall I took her to have the bangs trimmed again but that's the last time and we never touched the back.  So I decided to bite the bullet and take her.  We went to a kids place by the house.  Man, they are good.  They had more tricks to get the kids to look the direction needed than I would have ever though.  Hailey sat in my lap and watched Dora the Explorer.  When it was time for the back to get trimmed and she wouldn't look down, the hair stylist gave her a fabric bag with a bunch of army type people and told her to find the baby.  Well guess what she had to do to look for the baby...look down.  Then since she was in my lap they wanted to make sure it was straight when she stood up, they gave her a bag of bows to pick from and held it at eye level so she would look straight ahead.  All and all it worked out much better than I had anticipated. 

Here's the before picture.  Look at how blond the ends are!!!
 Happy customer, thanks to the sucker!